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Visitors flock to Slovakia not only for the rich history of the country, but to experience one of the most relaxing environments found in Europe. A large proportion of Slovakia is covered by their nine national parks, meaning nature lovers will have plenty of opportunities to indulge their interests. History buffs will adore the country’s well-maintained architecture, as Slovakia boasts the most castles per capita of any country in the world. Gothic and baroque architecture fill many of the cities, while wooden folk architecture and medieval chateaux are open to be explored by the public.

Driving in Slovakia


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Important things to note

Police will be present on roads frequently, both in marked and unmarked vehicles, so it is important to be wary at all times when driving.
Children under the age of 11 or under the height of 150cm must be seated in the back of the car and within a child’s car seat.
As some of the signs on the roads of Slovakia can often be confusing to visitors, it is recommended that drivers invest in a good quality map, which can be found at many petrol stations across the country.

Driving culture in Slovakia

What are the roads like in Slovakia?
The majority of major roads, particularly in the Western area, are in excellent condition. The smaller, single lane roads can vary between good and terrible depending upon the area.
What are the drivers in Slovakia like?
Many of the drivers in Slovakia can be quite aggressive, meaning visitors must take a confident approach to the road. Speeding is also considered a problem, as many local drivers choose to ignore the limits.
What are the best times to drive?
There is no particular time of day that is busier than others; but those who speak Slovak are recommended to tune in to local radio stations for very regular and reliable traffic updates covering road obstructions, traffic jams and police presence.
What are the driving laws?
There is a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving, and police are regularly present on all road types. If the roads are covered in snow or ice, it is compulsory to use winter tyres. Headlights must be switched on at all times, during the day as well as night.