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Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. Despite being the country’s largest city, it’s relatively small. Yet, the city is something of a cultural hub, home to more sights, activities and culture than in cities that are almost double the size. The city blends the historical with the contemporary. Surrounded by lush, rolling landscapes there are plenty of opportunities available such as mountain biking, walking, climbing and hiking for those who enjoy a more active holiday and want to discover Slovenia’s treasures. Within the city limits, visitors can look forward to a rich cultural experience. The city plays host to almost 10,000 cultural events every year. The city’s history is evident in its architecture, with Baroque facades and ornate walls lining the streets of the Old Town. Elsewhere you’ll discover remnants of the Roman city as well as impressive contemporary buildings and structures in the city centre.

Ideal car

Suitable for small families, it would also be ideal for urban driving and parking in tight spaces as well as for any motorway or long-distance driving.

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Important things to note

Whilst on-street parking is available throughout Ljubljana, spaces tend to be rare during weekends and in areas close to the museums and Old Town.
The city is located close to Slovenia’s two main freeways, one travelling east to west of the country and the other north to south.
Be aware that there tends to be a high volume of bicycle traffic during the summer months.
It is the law to give way to buses. Buses always have right of way at intersections and when pulling away from bus stops. Be aware that some buses may manoeuvre without indicating.

Highlights & Hotspots

Located on top of a hill you’ll discover the historic Ljubljana castle. From here you’ll enjoy the magnificent views of the city below as well as the Kamnik Alps in the distance.
Art lovers will enjoy the great exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art. There are a range of works on display here including a permanent collection of 20th century Slovenian art.
Walk around Ljubljana’s Old Town to get a real taste of the city’s fascinating history. A range of medieval buildings line the streets while charming cafes surround the town’s two city squares.
For families or for those with a love of animals and wildlife, take a trip to the Ljubljana zoo. While the zoo is comparatively small, there are range of animals and wildlife to discover here as well as a fantastic garden to enjoy a stroll during a summer’s day.
The House of Experiments is an excellent hands-on museum which encourages kids of all ages to learn about science.

Airport Information

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is located approximately 15 miles from the centre of Ljubljana and is accessible via the E61 motorway.
The airport is on the 105 road, which takes you southwards towards the city centre.