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Located in the Costa de la Luz region of southern Spain, Algeciras is a charming city with a long and interesting history, whilst being one of the largest ports in Europe. Often recognised for its fishing industry, the city also exports agricultural wares such as tobacco and cereals from areas in the vicinity, helping to support local jobs. With ferry connections to neighbouring locations such as Morocco and Gibraltar, the city predominantly serves as a transport hub, attracting tourists as a result. Nevertheless, while Algeciras is merely regarded as a stop-off point by many, this underrated city is steadily increasing in popularity as a genuine tourist destination thanks to the many treasures that it has to offer.

Ideal car

This spacious vehicle will not only cope well with both inner city roads and the surrounding country roads and highways but will also be comfortable enough for you to enjoy many a scenic drive.

Driving in Algeciras


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Important things to note

The surrounding countryside and mountainous ranges are well worth visiting but the roads leading to these areas can be steep and winding.
The demand for secure parking in the port area is particularly high, so it might be worth doing some research online and booking a space in advance.
If you want to take a trip across the sea to Morocco, you will need to take a ferry, although ferry rides are pretty regular from the port.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Bahia Park waterpark is one of the city’s most popular attractions. Due to its close proximity to the main highway, the park is easily accessible, offering an array of slides and pools to be enjoyed by all the family. It is however worth noting that this attraction is only open from June to September.
Situated in Algeciras’ old town, the Plaza Alta is the ideal place to enjoy a coffee or ice cream and watch the world go by. Home to some of the city’s key buildings, this attractive square also attracts large crowds for the many festivals and events which are held here over the course of the year.
The Playa de Getares is one of Algeciras’ main beaches, boasting soft white sand and glistening waters. The beach is clean and spacious with excellent showering and parking facilities. There are also plenty of eateries on the promenade close by for those in need of a little light refreshment.
If you’re curious about how the city came to be, take a trip to the Museo Municipal. The museum documents Algeciras through the ages, providing plenty of exhibits to keep you interested for a few hours or so.

Airport Information

The nearest place to catch a flight is Gibraltar airport, situated 20km away from the city. However, the only flights operating from this airport are those to the UK. Those looking for a greater selection of flights to Algeciras should use either Jerez or M?†laga Airport.
Drivers are advised to take the AP7 motorway from M?†laga airport or the A381 from Jerez airport to reach Algeciras.

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