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A port city in the southern Spanish province of Andalucía, Cádiz is a place where people come to spend time on the beach, travel inland to neighbouring cities like Jerez and sample some of the local culture. Cadiz has a long history, dating back around three millennia. It’s the oldest city still inhabited in the whole of Western Europe, as its architecture proves. Its location on a peninsula provides visitors with the opportunity to look out towards the western part of the Mediterranean as well as further inland, while there are plenty of remains that date back several centuries which have proved to be integral to Cádiz’s development. History, culture and adventure are all guaranteed for anyone choosing to visit the city.

Ideal car

If you’re driving in Cádiz, a small car is the best possible vehicle for the job. It will make going through the alleyways less problematic and would be far easier to park.

Driving in Cadiz Downtown


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Important things to note

Some of the alleys in the old town are pretty difficult for all cars, particularly larger vehicles due to the streets’ narrowness.
There are only two roads into and out of Cádiz – the N-443 which goes northeast and the CA-33, which goes south then east into San Fernando.
In Cádiz, traffic can be heavy due to the city’s compact layout. It’s recommended to be patient and allow plenty of time for your journey.

Highlights & Hotspots

The best place in town to learn about Cádiz through the ages is the Archaeological Museum. Among the main attractions here are two Phoenician sarcophagi, while there are several more remains from Roman times and beyond on show.
Carnaval in Cádiz is a must-see event, usually taking place every February the weekend before Ash Wednesday. The event comprises of singing from local religious groups, drinking, dancing and all sorts of parties. Be sure to book your accommodation in advance!
The city’s Cathedral, at the heart of the old town, is the most notable historical landmark. If possible, try to climb to the top of its north tower, as you’re going to be rewarded with panoramic views of the whole of Cádiz.
For anyone in search of sun, the best place to be in the city is Victoria Beach. The water there is as clean as can be, while it’s as good a place as any to go play beach volleyball, football or even kite-flying if the wind is sufficiently strong.

Airport Information

Jerez Airport is 28 miles northeast of C?°diz near the city of Jerez. From its one main passenger terminal, it provides flights to major cities across Europe such as London, Amsterdam, Madrid and Berlin, mostly during the summer months.
The airport can be accessed by the AP-4 motorway, which goes southeast by Jerez. Then, take the N-443 and you‚Äôre in C?°diz.

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