Gran Canaria Airport Car Rental

Gran Canaria Airport Car Rental

Once you touch down at Gran Canaria Airport, you will quickly discover why almost half of the population of the Canary Islands lives on this island. Not only is Gran Canaria the most populated and the third largest in area in the Canaries archipelago, but it is also its own mini-world. The landscape diversifies with white sandy beaches, holiday resorts, a mountainous heart, southern deserts and a lush, green north. Gran Canaria makes for a great self-driving destination as you can explore the whole island in a few days. With plenty of secret pockets to reach into, you will want your car rental to suit the needs of your trip. From child seats, additional drivers to GPS units, you can add on a wealth of options to your vehicle. Once you have your transportation all set to go, you can begin exploring this island’s sampling of landscapes. 

Car Hire at Gran Canaria Airport:

The car rentals desks at Gran Canaria Airport are located in Zone A of the airport. The desks set upon the walkway connecting International and EU arrivals on the ground floor. The airport is serviced by a number of major car rental companies including Avis, Cicar, Europcar, Goldcar and Hertz. 
While you can show up to the airport and book a vehicle on the spot, it is always recommended to make an advanced reservation. You will want to book your vehicle in advanced especially for certain times of the year such as the spring and summer. If you make an advanced booking, you will ensure that you will be driving exactly the vehicle that you want. Each car hire company has their own website where you can learn about the different vehicle categories available to you at the airport. There is information on passenger restrictions, luggage capacities and the size of the vehicle. During the warmer months on Gran Canaria, it is always a good idea to have air conditioning. When booking online, make sure that you select a vehicle with air conditioning if you need it along with any other extras like navigation systems and child seats. 
If you are renting a car at Gran Canaria Airport, you should be sure that you fit your car rental company’s minimum age requirement. In most cases, the primary renter must be at least 25 years old to hire a vehicle without additional fees. However some companies will rent to those aged 21 to 24 with an extra charge added to each day of the rental price. Again, this rate can vary from company to company. In addition to knowing the age requirements, it is also recommended to have all of the necessary documents in place when you arrive to the airport. Companies require a valid driver’s license along with a major credit card to secure the vehicle. You also might need to show your passport at the rental desk in order to collect your car. 
Once you have booked your rental car at Gran Canaria Airport, you should spend some time getting to know your chosen car and company, noting all of the features and options available to you. 

Gran Canaria Airport Guide:

Gran Canaria Airport is one of the many airports in Spain operated by Aena Aeropuertos. The airport perches on the east of Gran Canaria Island, about 20 kilometres south of its capital Las Palmas. Gran Canaria Airport acts as the gateway to the capital of the Canary Islands. Its official airport code is LPA. 
If you are traveling to the airport, you can use the following GPS Coordinates: 27º 56’ 20’’ N and 15º 23’ 25’’ W. The airport acts as a gateway for millions of tourists who visit the island each year. Both low cost carriers and major air carriers service Gran Canaria Airport. 

Gran Canaria Airport offers both domestic flights around the Canary Islands to places like Fuerteventura and Lanzarote and also flights to mainland Europe. International passengers mostly come from Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Scandinavia. The low cost air carrier Ryanair handles a number of flights to and from Gran Canaria. The budget airline links Gran Canaria with Birmingham, Bournemouth, Seville, Valencia, Bristol, Cork, Dublin, Frankfurt, Glasgow, London, Milan and Porto. Another airline with a number of flights to and from the airport is Air Berlin. The major air carrier links the airport with Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Zurich. Some of the other airlines servicing the airport include Aer Lingus, Air Europa, Austrian Airlines, Canary Fly, EasyJet, Finnair, Iberia, Icelandair and SAS. 

Even as the airport finishes up an expansion to the terminal, Gran Canaria has an operating terminal, divided into three zones, one for EU flights, one for non-EU flights and one for flights throughout the islands. Departures take place on the first floor of the airport. Gran Canaria Airport has 96 check-in desks. Travellers can consult the information screens at the terminal entrances to find out where their destination is checking in. The airport has 38 gates, organized by those three different zones of flights. Baggage reclaim is located on the ground floor of the airport. 
Gran Canaria Airport features all of the amenities that a traveller might need when they arrive or depart. The airport has a number of shops including a florist, jewellery stores, clothing shops and duty free establishments. The airport also features restaurants throughout its arrival and departure areas. Travellers will find coffee shops, bars and fast food stands. In terms of banking, the airport features ATMs in Zone A departures and boarding and Zone C boarding. Currency exchange is located in Zone B arrivals and Zone A boarding. There is also a post office in Zone B of the departures hall. For business travellers, the airport features a VIP lounge in Zone A departures with newspapers, Wi-Fi and food and drink. There is also a conference hall with a capacity for 74 attendees at Zone A departures. The airport comes equipped to handle disabled passengers with lifts and ramps in the terminal and disabled parking spaces. If you need more information on the airport or the surrounding area, you can consult the information point at Zone A Departures. Tour operator desks are located in the arrivals hall. 

Directions to Gran Canaria Airport from Las Palmas:

Take the island’s main north-south motorway GC-1. Follow signs to the airport from here.

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