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Granada, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, has a rich and intense history spanning at least 2,500 years. There are almost unlimited activities on offer from a bustling nightlife to dedicated historical monuments dating back thousands of years. The climate is much milder compared to its neighbours, often making it a welcome oasis from the rest of the popular destinations in the country. The city is rarely unbearably crowded, partly due to its large size, making it a relaxed and enjoyable visit for any length of time.

Ideal car

A very small and fuel efficient car is an absolute necessity for navigating these narrow historic streets, while parking will prove immeasurably easier at both hotels and in the city centre.

Driving in Granada


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Important things to note

Many of the roads in the central part of the city are incredibly narrow and operate on a one-way system, primarily to preserve the ancient layout of the town. It is highly advised to use a GPS on all journeys to avoid difficulty.
Hotels will provide travellers with a pass and directions to the hotel that must be followed very carefully; a ban will have been lifted on a particular route allowing access for the vehicle, meaning it is necessary for drivers to stay on route.
The outer areas of the city are far more easily travelled as they are free of historic status and are also much wider and easier to navigate.

Highlights & Hotspots

Despite the vast history of the city, it is the post-middle age eras that are most prominent due to a widespread renovation. Perhaps one of the most stunning buildings is the Cathedral of Granada, a 16th Century building with Gothic foundations, Renaissance interiors and Baroque finishes.
Of course, one of the main tourist attractions is The Alhambra, for which it is highly recommended tickets are booked in advance. Dating from the medieval period, it is comprised partly of a fortress, palace, garden and government city, and now gives visitors the chance to step back in time.
Sacromonte is a small and relatively isolated district of the city comprised of a number of make-shift dwellings by the Roma population. There are two main reasons to visit the area; flamenco dancing and the incomparable views of the main city below.
Hammam Arab Baths make a fun alternative afternoon for many as the modern spa painstakingly recreated the ancient Muslim baths. The ambience is incredibly relaxing and makes for a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

Airport Information

Granada Airport is located 12km from the city centre and is served by a number of international flights, while budget airlines are far better connected to the neighbouring Malaga airport.
Also serving the city of Jaen, the airport is alongside the A092, which goes into Granada and its western neighbouring areas.