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The seaside town of Tarragona is based to the south of Barcelona, making it a perfect destination for those looking to explore the city along with enjoying some sun, sand and sea. Along with the stunning beaches, the town is also home to some of the country’s most interesting historical landmarks. With a world heritage site, plenty of older buildings to explore and the opportunity to soak up some rays, there’s nothing quite like escaping the hectic capital city to relax and take your vacation at a slightly slower pace.

Ideal car

With the narrow streets coupled with the short distance between areas of interest, an economy car will serve visitors well in Tarragona.

Driving in Tarragona


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Important things to note

Driving is very popular amongst visitors to Tarragona given the number of destinations to visit on the outskirts of the town. While the roads are significantly quieter than those found in neighbouring Barcelona, this can result in some level of traffic.
Given the nature of the town, many of the smaller roads are based around the structure of the town in the Roman and medieval periods. This can result in some narrow roads that may be difficult to navigate.
The roads of Tarragona are of a good to excellent condition those smaller roads may be cobbled or of a slightly poorer condition than those found on the main streets.

Highlights & Hotspots

Given the historical significance of the port in the area, any visitor to the area should make time to visit Tarraco, an official world heritage site containing wonderfully preserved Roman ruins including the towns very own coliseum.
Complementing the site is the Museum of Archaeology, containing not only fragments from the Roman period of the pot, but examples from Tarragona’s medieval past. It is quite an experience studying the items found here along with exploring the narrow medieval alleyways that line the city.
One of the most spectacular annual events comes in the form of the Tarragona International Fireworks Displays Competition. Hosted in July, fireworks experts the world over gather to compete with their spectacular and awe-inspiring displays.
For those looking for somewhere to explore, the Roman amphitheatre is located next to the beach making it the ideal destination for those looking to soak up culture and history along with Tarragona’s famous sun rays.

Airport Information

As Tarragona does not have its own airport, Barcelona El Prat Airport is the most common port for those travelling to the port. Given the location to the city, the airport is large and continuously busy. Based 92km away from the Tarragona, travel times should be estimated accordingly with plenty of time given for possible traffic and delays.

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