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As a country with one of the world’s longest recorded histories, visitors to Sri Lanka will be treated to one of the richest historical and culture experiences available the world over. From religious temples to museums bursting to the seams with ancient artefacts, there’s nothing quite like a trip to this Southern Asian country. The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens are a must-visit for nature and beauty lovers alike, while Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa feature some wonderfully preserved ruins of ancient temples built hundreds, if not thousands of years ago.

Driving in Sri Lanka


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

While traffic must generally keep to the left hand side of the road, some vehicles may also drive on the right depending upon the flow of traffic.
Left turns at red lights are generally not allowed, though under some circumstances there will be signage indicating that cars may turn left.
No matter the time of day, headlights must be either dimmed or turned off completely in well-lit areas.

Driving culture in Sri Lanka

What are the roads like in Sri Lanka?
The roads in Sri Lanka are a reasonable to good quality, with the majority well marked and paved throughout the country.
What are drivers in Sri Lanka like?
The drivers in Sri Lanka may seem erratic to a newcomer, which means first-time visitors should be cautious. Alongside the usual cars, motorbikes and trucks are frequent; though livestock such as cows and goats may seem to roam freely too!
What are the best times to drive?
Rush hour times can be very hectic in the major cities, so it is advisable to only drive through the city between 8.30am and 2.30pm, or after 8pm during the night.
What are the driving laws?
One of the most prominent laws that may confuse some drivers is that, while overtaking is generally performed on the right, on some roads overtaking on the left is permitted.