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Located in the north coast of Sweden, Luleå is large, university town which boasts some impressive sights and natural attractions. Boasting phenomenal scenery and unspoiled rolling countryside the city offers plenty for those in search of an adventure holiday. Outdoorsy types will be spoilt for choice as the city offers a whole host of opportunities for exploring the landscape. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience the impressive natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights and there are a range of guided tours and expeditions to choose from. The city also has plenty in store for culture vultures too, and is home to a variety of interesting museums and galleries where you’ll learn about the city’s history. Foodies can sample traditional and modern dishes in the town’s many restaurants.

Ideal car

A typical 4x4 would be ideal for driving in icy conditions and poor weather. A four-wheel drive car will also be perfect for driving up steep or mountainous roads.

Driving in Lulea


Road Driving Side


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Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Observe local parking restrictions to avoid getting a fine, which can be very expensive in Sweden. On-street parking is on the right and metered between 8am and 6pm.
Take care when travelling in winter as road conditions can be hazardous due to black ice and usually persistent snowfall.
Be aware that journey times might be longer than expected. Always plan your journey beforehand and allow plenty of time to get to your destination in time.

Highlights & Hotspots

An excellent way to explore the countryside is to go on the archipelago trail. This short expedition includes a boat trip and interesting hiking trails. This is a particularly excellent activity to do during the summer.
History buffs should visit the historical site of Gammelstad. This charming World Heritage Site is the largest church town in the country and is home to a range of medieval sites including the impressive Nederluleå church.
Art lovers will enjoy a trip to the Luleå Culture House which hosts up to 30 contemporary art exhibitions throughout the year. The gallery also has a small café and a gift shop in addition to the impressive exhibition area.
Those seeking adventure should consider a dog sledding trip from the city centre. This authentic sled tour is an exhilarating ride through the countryside. Starting at the husky farm located a half hour drive from the city centre, you’ll see the forest and frozen lakes of the surrounding countryside.

Airport Information

Luleå Airport is located approximately four miles southwest of Luleå city centre and is accessible via Älvbrovägen and Lulviksvägen roads, both of which go eastbound towards the centre.
The airport mainly serves other destinations in Sweden and Scandinavia, although some seasonal flights are available on occasion. The airport has one main terminal for passengers and has ample parking for visitors.