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The city of Lund is the oldest to exist in contemporary Sweden, while also being home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Its youthful student population make up a large proportion of its 100,000 inhabits and make a significant contribution to the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Lund is also a popular location for doing business, with global technology companies such as Sony Mobile Communications, ST-Ericsson having offices in the city. Thanks to its location in the agricultural region of Scania in the south west corner of Sweden, Lund is also within easy reach of other major cities such as Malmö and Copenhagen across the Oresund Bridge in Denmark. The Scania countryside is also close by.

Ideal car

Due to the compact nature of Lund, the city can be travelled around on foot with ease. If you need access to a vehicle, a small economy car will be more than able to cope with the city’s roads.

Driving in Lund


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Important things to note

Lund is a cycle-friendly city, with 5,000 bike parks and almost 100 miles of cycle paths. Drivers are advised to pay attention to cyclists at all times when travelling around the city.
Areas marked with a ‘P’ sign indicate that drivers may park their car there for up to 24 hours. By leaving your car parked in such an area for longer than this risk being fined a hefty sum.
Lund is sometimes heavy with traffic heading southeast towards Malmö, where many locals work.

Highlights & Hotspots

Lund Cathedral stands proudly in the heart of Lund and has come to known as one of the city’s major landmarks. Constructed at the beginning of the 12th century, this place of worship is built in typical Romanesque style. Visitors will marvel at its magnificent astronomical clock, which indicates where the sun will set amongst other fascinating things.
If you’re a botany enthusiast or quite simply fancy spending time in a tranquil, green environment, The Botanical Garden and City Park is guaranteed to impress. Comprising various different sections, with plants from all over the globe, along with a number of greenhouses, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a stroll and a picnic during the spring and summer months
Kulturen is Sweden’s second largest open-air museum and is located in central Lund, close to the cathedral. This unique attraction comprises a number of ancient buildings along with a traditional museum building, which allow visitors to gain an insight into what life in the city may have been like in years gone by.

Airport Information

Offering predominantly domestic flights, Malmö-Sturup is Lund’s closest airport, approximately 30km away. For international flights, Copenhagen’s Kastrup airport is the best option and can be reached by train in around half an hour.
A direct bus service also connects the town to Malmö Airport, while drivers are advised to follow Route 108, which goes to the outskirts of the city centre.