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One of Sweden’s largest and most modern cities, Malmo is known for being the gateway from the country to the European mainland via Denmark. Malmo has a history which dates back to the 13th century but, by looking at the famous ‘Turning Torso’ Towers and Oresund Bridge connecting it with Copenhagen; it’s very much a city looking forward. In Malmo, you’re never too far away from the coast, where you’re greeted by amazing views of the sea and some of the surrounding islands. Meanwhile, you’re also close to the Scania countryside which is ideal for a walk during the winter. The city also has more than its fair share of cultural and sporting venues to while away an afternoon or evening.

Ideal car

Malmo is a city with an excellent road network, but in winter, a more powerful vehicle will be needed to drive away from the main routes leading into and out of it.

Driving in Malmo


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Important things to note

Access to Malmo via the Oresund Bridge costs money due to the toll booths. Be sure to bring in change (in Euros).
Some of the minor roads in Malmo during winter can be hard to pass, although the main routes are easily navigable. Bring winter tyres just in case.
Malmo is easily connected to the rest of Sweden, although some of the motorways can be clogged during rush hour.

Highlights & Hotspots

Malmo’s most famous museum is the Moderna Museet. Opened in 2009, it has hosted artworks from some of the biggest names such as Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, as well as pieces from local artists. Exhibitions change here regularly.
One of Sweden’s best cultural venues, Malmo Stadsteater, encompasses drama, music and dance venues. All three attract world-renowned artists, touring companies and performers as well as locals. Admission fees to shows are usually pretty cheap.
Malmohus Castle is the city’s most notable historical site. Today, it houses an art museum, aquarium and terrarium, while it’s not too far from some of the main shopping streets. Tours of the grounds are available some days.
Malmofestivalen, which takes place in the city every August, is a free event. Spread across eight days, there are numerous cultural and culinary goings-on where you can learn about life in the city as well as enjoy yourself.

Airport Information

Malmo Airport is 17 miles east of the city centre. It has one main passenger terminal for flights going all over Europe including parts of the UK and other Scandinavian countries. Over one million passengers go to and from the airport annually.
The airport is connected to the city via the Sodra Sturupsvagen road, which goes south onto the E65. That road will take you west towards central Malmo and east towards Ystad.