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The principal city of the Jamtland County in Norrland, Ostersund is a city which prides itself on its cold, winter climate, calling itself the ‘Winter City’. Ostersund is unique for being the only city in Sweden which was founded in the 18th century. Its remote location and proximity to Storsjon Lake make it an idyllic place to visit, no matter what time of year. Ostersund is a good base from which to explore the rest of Jamtland. It’s also within easy reach of the border with Norway, linked surprisingly well by road. The city itself, despite being relatively small, has plenty going on culture-wise. Museums, bars, restaurants and live music venues are pretty easy to find in the centre.

Ideal car

Simply for driving during the winter, a more powerful family saloon equipped with winter tyres is a must if you want to get around without any problems.

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Important things to note

The E14, a highway which goes along the eastern side of Ostersund, is the most popular route out of the city.
To go across the lake, the only way to do so is via the Frosobron Bridge, which goes to the western part of Ostersund.
Traffic is likely to be heavier going southbound on the E14, as it ends in Sundsvall, a major city in this part of Sweden.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Jamtli is an interactive museum designed with families in mind. Some of the exhibitions allow visitors to learn about Ostersund and the rest of the county in a fun and visually stimulating way, while the tour guide speaks English as well as Swedish.
At the Storsjon Lake, there are numerous things you could do. Go for a walk around it if you have a day or so to spare, go boating or sailing or, if you’re not feeling quite so energetic, take a guided boat tour to learn a little more about it.
The Storsjoyran Festival, which attracts upwards of 50,000 visitors every year, is held every July. The festival is a culinary one, with restaurants, food stalls and bars serving unique dishes that you’re only likely to find in Ostersund.
Every Christmas, there is an open-air Christmas Market in the city centre. It takes place in the middle of December, attracting plenty of visitors from the rest of the county at Jamtli. Expect to find gifts such as candles, handmade toys and clothes on sale.

Airport Information

Are Ostersund Airport is located six miles west of Ostersund. It presently serves as a hub for numerous low-cost airlines, offering seasonal flights to major cities and Mediterranean resorts during the summer months. There is one main terminal building for passengers.
The airport can be accessed by the Rodovagen Road on the island on Froson to the west of the city. From there, drive eastbound until you reach the Frosobron bridge and cross it.