Geneva Airport Car Rental


Geneva Airport Car Rental


Perhaps the most ‘global’ destination in the world, Geneva is a financial hotspot that is currently home to the United Nations, the Red Cross and more than 200 other international organisations. The rich heritage of this historic city and the unquestionable natural beauty that exists harmoniously around it makes Geneva a truly unique city. It is of course unsurprising that, with the aforementioned characteristics and the airport’s access to both Switzerland and France, that there are a large range of French, Swiss and international car rental companies operating within both sectors of the airport. 

Geneva Airport is located 4km (2.5 miles) from Geneva’s city centre and is, officially, located in Switzerland; however its northern boundary runs directly along the Swiss-French border making it accessible from both countries. With the rich heritage the city of Geneva has to offer and the access to both France and Switzerland that the airport gives to tourists, including access to a range of skiing resorts, it’s easy to see why so many people regularly pass through its doors.

Car Hire at Geneva Airport

Many travellers visiting Geneva Airport are looking to explore both sides of the Swiss-French border. Fortunately, with the wide selection of car rental companies operating between the two sectors of the airport, there is little lack in vehicle type or style, plus a range of prices making car rental suitable for the budgets of most of the airport’s visitors.

Within Geneva Airport there are two sectors, the Swiss sector and the French sector. Each part has its own selection of car rental companies. Travellers should bear in mind that, when renting a car from either part of the airport, upon the vehicles return it must be returned to the correct sector it was originally rented from or a charge may be issued.

Each rental company offers a range of vehicle types ranging from high class luxury cars to eco-friendly run-arounds. Pre-booking is advisable especially in peak times as car rental companies often get booked up incredibly quickly. It is also advisable that travellers ensure their rented vehicle comes with air con – a real necessity in the warmer summer months.

Most of the larger rental companies offer a selection of additional extras such as insurance options, safety features including car and booster seats for young children, and even snow chains for tyres. Although added extras tend to boost the price of car rental slightly higher, travellers often find it is worthwhile spending a little more, even if just on a navigational device, to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

The opening hours of these companies differs, with firms operating in the French sector tending to have slightly shorter opening hours than those of companies in the Swiss sector. Weekday opening hours begin between 7-8am and close between 10-11pm, with weekend opening hours varying slightly, opening later and closing a little earlier.

In the Swiss sector of Geneva Airport the rental company kiosks are located at the Arrivals Level. Opening hours of each company vary, however they tend to open between 6.30-7.00am and close between 11-11.30pm, with opening hours remaining the same during bank holidays and weekends. All Swiss rental cars should be returned on the agreed date to the lower level of car park P51.

Geneva Airport Guide:

With more than 50 airlines regularly running flights to and from Geneva Airport, the airport can become extremely busy, with more than 13 million passengers passing through its doors in 2012.

It is no surprise that so many travellers choose to regularly fly to the airport considering the excellent facilities it boasts. The airport offers travellers a range of facilities and services, as well as providing passengers with its own unique and free-to-download app, known as GVApp. The app is suitable for both iPhones and android phones and provides passengers with the opportunity to keep up to date with flight times by viewing live flight arrivals and departures feeds, to track fights as well as allowing passengers to check car park space and availability. The app can also provide other services such as plans of airport terminals.

There are five VIP/Business Lounges located within the airport; these are available for the use of travellers flying in either First or Business Class. The VIP lounges provide visitors with the option of waiting for their flight in a calm and relaxed atmosphere away from the busyness of the main departures lounges. Other services provided for VIP passengers include personal lifts to planes, a selection of complementary food and drinks, the use of work spaces and the option of assisted check-in.

There are six bank areas located within the airport ranging from ATM machines to Post Office Banks, all providing a range of services including the purchase and sale of foreign currencies, cash withdrawals and even a money advice section for travellers.

For those passengers travelling for business the airport has its own office space with a photocopier, photo booth and a range of internet options. There are also a number of conference rooms available within the airport as well as various postal options located around different sections of the airport.

The airport also provides an eco-friendly laundry and ironing service, showering facilities, a self-tanning service, children’s play area, and a baby and children rest area complete with a kitchen. All of which is located in the transit zone of the airport.

With a selection of shops located throughout the airport providing every amenity necessary for a pleasant journey, passengers travelling from Geneva Airport are in good hands. There are over ten restaurants and 18 bars and cafes located within the airport, including Starbucks, Pret-a-manger and Burger King. The wide range of food and drinks on offer allows passengers the choice to dine in the style they wish, from snack bars for a quick nibble to restaurants offering a high level of fine dining.

 Driving to Geneva Airport:

To get to Geneva Airport by car take the N1 from Switzerland and from France take the N1 followed by the A40.