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The Swiss city of Zurich is made up of 1.3 million residents and is based around Lake Zurich, melding nature together with urbanisation. Also known as the “portal to the Alps”, Zurich is the ideal location for anyone looking to experience a true eclectic blend of modern and traditional culture. Due to the size and wealth of the city, there are a huge number of cultures in the area that is best highlighted by the historical remains of the city displayed through the architecture. Romanesque churches tower over the residential buildings, while quaint Swiss homes line the narrow, cobbled streets.

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As the roads are usually very busy and parking is difficult, choosing a small car will allow drivers much more freedom to explore the city.

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Highlights & Hotspots

There is no limit to the experiences on offer in this beautiful city. One of the most awe-inspiring sights comes in the form of Grossmunster, a huge Romanesque church that still stands as a symbol for the old city. Many of the original work from the 1500s remains here and visitors are able to climb the tower and take in the view of the city.
Landesmuseum is the largest Swiss history museum in the country and takes visitors through a journey of the development of the entire city. One of the most compelling aspects in the museum is the studies of the various cantons of Switzerland.
For a peak of natural Zurich, take a walk along Schanzengraben, a small canal that used to be used as part of the city’s old fortifications. Take a look for the tiny staircase that travels down to the canal and walk along until you come to the expansive and beautiful Lake Zurich.
For those looking for a more urban, laid back experience, Niederdorf is hugely popular amongst the younger generations in Zurich. During the day, shops and boutiques offer some wonderful fashion shopping while the night time comes alive with buzzing bars and restaurants.

Airport Information

There are numerous airports with access to Zurich, the closest being Zurich, Geneva and Basel. It is also possible for those looking for an all-round European trip to visit from Italy, France and Germany. Due to the sheer scale of the city, it is essential that visitors plan their journey in advance and leave a huge amount of time for delays.