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Krabi is a small market town in the South of Thailand, largely recognised as a tourist hub due to its close proximity to a number of the region’s most popular attractions. Home to some 25,000 people, the town has a relaxed atmosphere and offers visitors the chance to experience the real Thailand, which isn’t always possible in larger destinations. Whether you prefer to spend your holidays simply relaxing on the beach or visiting attractions and soaking up the local culture, Krabi has something for everyone. Visiting Krabi is recommended between November and May. The weather is warm, sunny during this period and the chance of rain is minimal. Evening temperatures are also bearable thanks to a light breeze.

Ideal car

Not all of Krabi’s roads are in the best of condition, therefore opting for a sturdy vehicle than is able to cope with uneven terrain is advisable. Hatchbacks should be sufficient for these roads.

Driving in Krabi


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Important things to note

Driving conditions in Krabi are often considered to be hazardous. This is largely due to the majority of drivers failing to adhere to the rules of the road.
Those who are unfamiliar with Krabi are therefore advised to take great care when driving in the city and surrounding areas.
Krabi’s roads are particularly prone to congestion, especially those close to the ever popular Ao Nang Beach.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Tiger Cave, one of Krabi’s main attractions, is but a stone’s throw from the town itself. The building is recognised as one of Thailand’s most famous temples and offers visitors the chance to venture up to the top and witness magnificent views of the surrounding area. That’s if they succeed to climb all 1237 of the temple’s steps!
Although the town does not have its own coastline, a number of beaches are situated within easy reach of Krabi and cater for outdoor adventurers and sun worshippers alike. Ao Nang, Had Yao and Rai Leh are three of the province’s main beaches, each boasting emerald waters, soft white sand and outdoor activities, including snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking to name but a few.
Krabi also has a vibrant nightlife scene, with a selection of bars to cater for party-goers both young and old. The nearby Deck Bar serves up a range of refreshing cocktails to be enjoyed in their rooftop lounge overlooking the sea, while the livelier Amy’s Bar is a must for those looking for a real party atmosphere.

Airport Information

Krabi International Airport is located approximately eight miles northeast of the town and offers flights to a handful of destinations elsewhere in Thailand, along with those to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
A bus service bound for the centre of Krabi departs from outside the arrivals hall at regular intervals throughout the day. To access the airport by car, however, take a short drive along Highway No. 4.