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One of the largest cities in Turkey, Adana sits around 15 miles away from the south-eastern coast of the country. Its closeness to the shore makes it popular with visitors looking to get there while having all the amenities they could wish for on their doorstep. Adana happens to be surrounded by the Cilician Plains, which contain many interesting sights. Adana is effectively split into two parts – the charming old town and ‘New Adana’, which is largely made up of high-rise apartments and modern office blocks. The older part of the city is perhaps the best part to explore as it offers a more authentic view of what life is like in this part of Turkey. However, the newer part of the city has its charms, especially its nightlife and shopping.

Ideal car

For travelling across some of the rougher roads in the city, you will need a larger vehicle. A family saloon car should be sufficient for driving in and around Adana.

Driving in Adana


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Important things to note

The main motorway near Adana, the O-50, heads westwards to Ankara, although parts of the road are still under construction.
Despite attempts to pedestrianize it, Çakmak Street in the older part of Adana is still a road. However, it can get crowded most days.
Some of the minor roads in the suburbs of Adana are of variable quality. Try to avoid them in wet weather if possible.

Highlights & Hotspots

Recently renovated, the Archaeological Museum of Adana is one of the best places to visit to learn about Turkey’s ancient history. Among the artefacts you’re likely to see here include stone monuments from centuries ago.
The Misis Mosaic Museum is one of the more intriguing places to visit in Adana. Located near the Ceyhan River, it primarily exhibits mosaics which formed part of the floor of a temple in the ancient city of Misis.
Altın Koza International Film Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Adana. Taking place since 1969 every June, the festival is the biggest of its kind in Turkey, attracting the great and good of Turkish cinema. Premieres and art-house productions are screened here for paying visitors.
If you want to go shopping in Adana, there are a handful of indoor shopping malls. However, the best place to buy souvenirs and authentic Turkish goods is on Çakmak Street in the Old Town, as it’s the main thoroughfare.

Airport Information

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport is the main airport serving Adana, lying just half a mile southwest of the city centre. It is one of Turkey’s busiest airports, serving a mix of domestic and international destinations across Europe and the Middle East.
Conveniently, the airport is located along the D400. It has exits northbound into several parts of the city centre.