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Located in the centre of Turkey, Ankara is the country’s capital and second largest after Istanbul. This contemporary city has a vibrant and lively atmosphere, owed in part to its large student population. While many visitors pass through Ankara on their way to holiday resorts this sprawling cosmopolitan city has plenty of attractions for visitors’ delectation such as its nightlife and cuisine. The city has a rich culture too, with plenty of museums and art galleries to explore. There are also numerous historic and religious sites throughout the city which give you a true sense of Ankara’s fascinating heritage. History buffs will also enjoy exploring the archaeological remains and landmarks throughout the city such as Ankara Castle and the Temple of Augustus.

Ideal car

A hatchback is ideal driving in busy urban centres and small enough to assist with parking in tight spaces, which can be a problem in Ankara.

Driving in Ankara


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Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Road conditions can be poor in places, usually poorly-maintained or badly-potholed so take care when driving, particularly at night.
Local standard of driving is poor, with many drivers paying little attention to the speed limit and make sudden manoeuvres without signalling.
Roads in the city centre can be congested while motorways tend to be much clearer.
Be aware that parking officials monitor on-street parking. They will collect your fee directly from you.

Highlights & Hotspots

Visit the excellent Museum of Anatolian where you’ll explore Turkey’s intriguing and fascinating history. Home to a range of exhibits sourced from surrounding archaeological sites, this excellent museum has artefacts dating back to the Palaeolithic period.
For a taste of the city’s culture, head to the State Art and Sculpture Museum, where you’ll discover temporary and permanent exhibitions of Turkish art dating as far back as the 1800s. Alternatively, the Cer Modern Art Gallery displays more contemporary works and hosts live concerts.
If you enjoy hitting the shops while you’re away then Ankara is one city that won’t disappoint. Tunalı Hilmi Avenue is home to some excellent modern shopping precincts including Karum Mall, which has a range of excellent shops. The Armada Mall, near the main highway, is also worth a look.
Animal lovers should consider spending a day at Atatürk Farm and Zoo which is home to numerous animals. There’s also an excellent restaurant and a shop where visitors are able to sample the farm produce. This stunning park and zoo is an excellent place to spend the day with all the family.

Airport Information

Ankara Esenboğa International Airport is located approximately 17 miles north of Ankara city centre and is easily accessible via the D140 road.
The airport is one of Turkey’s busiest, serving destinations throughout Europe and Asia. In summer, getting to the airport will take longer than expected due to queues leading to the car parks.