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Dalaman is a medium-sized town in South West Turkey. Close to major cities such as Antalya and Izmir, it’s a place which has a surprisingly long history, while its proximity to the coast makes it an ideal place to bed down for sun-seekers who want to relax and do some light sightseeing more than anything else during their visit. From Dalaman, you might be able to see some of the surrounding islands such as Rhodes and Kos, while there’s plenty within the town itself to look at. Many buildings erected during the days of the Ottoman Empire remain, while Dalaman is also a surprisingly well-connected place, being close to its own airport.

Ideal car

If you’re driving through Dalaman and towards the coast, a small car will make it easier to get there without being troubled by any of the difficult minor roads.

Driving in Dalaman


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Important things to note

Although Dalaman is connected to the D400 highway, some of the roads in the suburbs aren’t in great shape. Be wary of the odd pothole.
Traffic from the airport can run for miles through the town, especially on the D555, the main road going through Dalaman.
Fuel in Turkey is cheaper than you might expect. However, petrol stations in Dalaman are thin on the ground.

Highlights & Hotspots

Dalaman is most famous for being the site of the Alexandria Railway Station. Accidentally built here instead of the Egyptian city in 1906, the main station building still stands today and is used as the region’s main farming facility.
Just a few miles east of Dalaman, Fethiye is a town hugely popular with sightseers. One of the more intriguing sights here are the cave tombs, built into the side of the cliff in the southern part of the town. Approach with caution!
Starting in Fethiye, the Lycian Way is Turkey’s most famous walking route. Spanning just over 300 miles, the hiking trail takes in towns close to Dalaman as well as numerous hills before finishing in the city of Antalya.
In Dalaman, you’re never too far away from the beach. In summer, it might be worthwhile spending an afternoon there, catching a few rays or perhaps going for a stroll along the coast. You might need to bring some walking boots though for the latter.

Airport Information

Dalaman Airport is just over one mile south of the town. It has two terminals – one for domestic flights and another for international ones. The new terminal is for international flights and has plenty of shops and restaurants to explore while waiting to board your plane.
Getting to the airport by car is pretty easy. The D555, the main road which goes through Dalaman, ends here. All you have to do is go north to get to the town and further north to reach the D400.