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On the west coast of Turkey near the Aegean Sea, the coastal resort town of Kuşadasi is one of the country’s hidden gems. Although thousands of visitors choose to come here every summer, the neighbouring Greek island of Samos tends to be more popular. Nevertheless, there is plenty to see and do here, especially if nature is your sort of thing. The town has some absolutely stunning views of the Aegean Sea, not to mention some of the small islands which lie off the coast. It also has plenty of places to stay all year round, even during the peak tourist season. During the summer, it’s a good place to go bird watching, especially in the daytime; while the beach is worth a look too.

Ideal car

Some of the roads in and around the town have plenty of twists and turns, meaning that something small and nippy is needed to go around the various corners with ease.

Driving in Kusadasi


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Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

The port area of Kuşadasi can be a traffic blackspot, as the town is known for being a major destination for cruise ships.
Although the D-31 motorway is less than 20 miles away, journey times to the road can be longer than expected in summer when traffic peaks.
Ferry rides to Samos are regular, although spaces for each journey are limited due to its local airport.

Highlights & Hotspots

The City Walls, even though part of them has gone away, are one of Kuşadasi’s most impressive sights. Today, one of the three gates still stands; although walking around the perimeter will be a good way to see the town centre in one go.
Just off the coast, Guverdin Adasi (roughly translated as Pigeon Island) is one of the best sights in the area. The island, which is actually a peninsula, has a castle, swimming beaches and cafes which offer some spectacular views of the bay.
One of the more impressive landmarks in Kuşadasi is the Kaleici Camii, a mosque which was built back in 1618. Originally constructed in honour of Grand Vivier Okuz Kara Mehmed Pasha, it’s still used as a place of worship to this day.
There are wonderful beaches north and south of Kuşadasi itself. To the south, women will feel more comfortable as there’s a stretch of shore just for them, while the northern beaches are a little more scenic. All have plenty of shops and restaurants nearby.

Airport Information

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is the nearest to Ku?üadasi, lying some 18 miles north of the town. It‚Äôs one of the biggest airports in Turkey, boasting flights to several major cities in Europe and parts of the Middle East.
The airport is connected by a link road to the D-31. It goes south towards the D550, which goes west to Ku?üadasi town centre.

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