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Situated along the sunny coastline of the Turkish Riviera, the port town of Marmaris has long been a party destination for British, Russian and Scandinavian tourists. That is not to say that it doesn’t have more to offer than a thriving bar and club scene; the town is lined with pine-clad mountains, and has retained its charming, cobble stoned old quarter. The pleasant harbour area also features the alluring Marmaris castle, which was rebuilt from scratch in 1522 and now serves as a museum. Take a short cruise along the pristine waters and you will find yourself in the less frequented peninsulas of Datca and Bozburun, which both provide a picturesque setting for a sun soaked day trip.

Ideal car

A 4x4 is ideal for Marmaris as it enables you to explore the rough mountain terrain with few problems and will also tackle potholes with ease.

Driving in Marmaris


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Important things to note

The roads in Marmaris can often be quite bumpy and potholes are common, so just be aware and drive carefully.
Despite that, the main roads in and around the town are in good condition and are well-signposted.
If driving to the coast, you should take extra care, especially when going downhill as some of the roads are a little on the steep side.

Highlights & Hotspots

Jump in your car and head up to Marmaris Mountains where you will enjoy breath taking views of Turkey, as well as waterfalls, statues and smaller beaches which offer a welcome respite from the tourist hotspots.
You could happily spend a few afternoons and evenings relaxing in Marmaris Marina. Away from the throng of the lively bar and club scene, it offers a chance to soak up some genuine Turkish culture with a host of authentic restaurants and bars.
Cleopatra Island is named so as legend has it, Cleopatra herself bathed in its waters with Antonius. Each grain of sand is a perfect sphere shape and it was allegedly brought from the Red Sea especially for the famous pharaoh. Currently, the shore is off-limits due to a government ruling.
Marmaris is notorious for its upfront and lively nightlife, and it doesn’t get much livelier than Bar Street. The neon lit bars cater for various music tastes, mostly dance, pop and RnB, you will also find some live music if the mood takes your fancy.

Airport Information

The nearest airport to Marmaris is Dalaman, which is approximately a one hour drive to the town centre. The airport is well serviced by many major tour operators. You are likely to incur a fee (paid in note form only) on entry.
To get to the airport, take the D400 up to Gokova and then turn right on the D400 from there. Then, you should go south on the D555 and you’ll soon find yourself at the airport.