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A major city based upon Turkey’s north-eastern coast, Trabzon is an economically and culturally significant city in the country. The city feels like an area of its own with plenty of cosmopolitan activities to balance the deep history running through the streets. Some noteworthy buildings remain from as far back as the medieval period, most predominantly through religious buildings and architecture. The port and constant influx of visitors from around the globe keep the city exciting and vibrant, making it one of the best for visitors in the area.

Ideal car

While a small car would more successfully navigate the size of the roads, a slightly larger car is needed to handle the road conditions of the city, thus a hatchback is an ideal balance.

Driving in Trabzon


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Road conditions range from average to poor and as such should be driven carefully, especially at night. The roads can occasionally turn without expectation and lead to accidents.
Traffic is common in the city centre, especially midweek. Avoid driving between 6-9am and 4-6pm wherever possible, especially in the centre of the city.
Drinking and driving are given a low tolerance by the police in the area and those found to be over the limit of 0.5 will face heavy fines.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Aya Sofya Museum began its life as a church and was eventually turned into a mosque, which in turn was transformed into a museum. The building has kept its frescoes within the building, harking back to its former life, while the museum itself is a beautiful insight into the area.
Nature lovers will adore Uzungol, a massive lake based on the outskirts of the city at an altitude of 1090 metres. With a width of 1,000m and a depth of 15m, it’s a glorious sight to behold and serves as a peaceful day away from the bustling city.
Built in the fourth century, the Sumela Monastery is a must-see landmark of the city. The monastery was built upon the narrow ledge of a cliff, making for a dramatic experience. While the monastery was abandoned, it is still in excellent conditions and makes a thrilling visit.
Those looking for an authentic Turkish experience should brave the Hamam. The baths are divided into men-only and women-only and offer an invigorating experience that will certainly leave visitors refreshed.

Airport Information

Trabzon International Airport is based on the outskirts of the city and is regularly served by domestic airlines. There are also daily international flights from areas in Europe, including the UK.
The airport, lying two miles to the east of the city centre, is on the E70, which goes west towards central Trabzon.