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The prosperous and beautiful city of Aberdeen is one of Scotland’s true gems. As the third largest city of the country, Aberdeen is teaming with both ornate and grand architecture from across the ages, along with some of the United Kingdom’s most beautifully kept parks and gardens. Aberdeen can function as a place to visit itself or as a central point leading to the exploration of Scotland. With easy access to many of Scotland’s most legendary castles and natural highlights, visitors may also be surprised and delighted to find that the surrounding mountains offer skiing and snowboarding in several resorts.

Ideal car

Family car
As it’s not the biggest city, driving round Aberdeen is less hectic. Also, if driving into the surrounding countryside, you’ll need something bigger, especially in the winter months.

Driving in Aberdeen


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Important things to note

Despite the high quality roads leading to and from the city, many of the smaller roads of the area are pockmarked with potholes and dropped manhole covers, meaning all drivers should be careful to drive below the 60mph speed limit.
It is inadvisable to drive in and around the city at night; as many of the roads are badly lit, while the winding nature of many roads surrounding the area can lead to accidents.
While Aberdeen is stunning in winter, the snow and ice can often make some local roads inaccessible. If drivers are looking to visit in winter, it is advisable to keep to main roads as much as possible.

Highlights & Hotspots

When compared to the likes of Edinburgh, St. Andrews and Glasgow; Aberdeen experiences much less tourism but still packs a punch when it comes to tourist activities.
The Aberdeen Art Gallery is located in a wonderfully preserved Victorian building, making the architecture itself as beautiful as the art within. Exhibitions change regularly, meaning visitors can always expect to experience something new, while the antique silverware is on show all year round.
Nature lovers will adore Union Terrace Gardens - a haven of tranquillity hidden within the bustling city. The gardens are wonderful to visit all year round and boast advantages throughout the seasons. In summer it is an ideal spot for a picnic with family and friends, while they look stunning when covered with snow in winter.
What visitors might not expect to find in Scotland is somewhere like Aberdeen Beach, a picturesque resort that has proven increasingly popular with coastal lovers over the years.

Airport Information

Based seven miles from the city centre, Aberdeen International Airport is one of the busiest in the country, with flights from within the UK as well as Europe travelling in daily.
Due to the closeness of the city centre to the airport, it is incredibly convenient.

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