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Most renowned for its prestigious university, Cambridge is a city of astonishing natural beauty. Located a mere 50 miles from London, this world famous city is steeped in history and is a popular destination for tourists from all corners of the globe. With stunning gothic architecture, idyllic open spaces and bicycle-riding students, Cambridge boasts a wide array of attractions, making it an extremely enjoyable city to visit. Education, culture, sport and industry all flourish here, meaning that there is far more to Cambridge than meets the eye.

Ideal car

Given that access to many of the city’s road is extremely limited, a small, economical car is most certainly the vehicle to choose when visiting Cambridge.

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Important things to note

Access to city centre roads are limited by rising bollards which have been installed to dissuade people from travelling by car.
Whilst they allow taxis, buses and emergency vehicles to pass through, they can cause significant damage to other tailgating vehicles, so it is important to be aware of them.
Parking charges in Cambridge are high. If is therefore advisable to take advantage of the many Park and Ride zones on the outskirts of the city, all of which are free of charge

Highlights & Hotspots

The university’s 31 colleges are dotted all over the city and are frequently visited. Behind several of these Colleges lies a scenic green area called ‘The Backs.’ Also situated next to the River Cam, it’s the ideal place to enjoy a leisurely stroll whilst taking in the magnificent university buildings. The University Library is home to one of the world’s greatest book collections.
The city is also recognised for its numerous places of worship. Many of these are chapels of the university’s colleges, however there are a number of town churches such as Great St. Mary’s and All Saints. Unlike the college chapels, the town churches are, in most cases, free of charge.
For a real taste of Cambridge, try your hand at punting, This activity, which involves using large oars to push yourself along the shallow bed of the River Cam in a long wooden boat, is one of the city’s greatest stereotypes and is most often enjoyed during the summer months with a bottle of sparkling wine and a punnet of strawberries!
Cambridge also hosts a large number of festivals which take place on various occasions throughout the year. From music and film to literature and arts, there really is something for everyone.

Airport Information

The city does have its own airport, Cambridge Airport, which is just over mile east of the city centre. It’s next to the A1303 road, which goes to the centre. However, flights are few and far between and only travel to France, Italy and Jersey.
London Stansted offers a far greater selection of flights and is located within close proximity to Cambridge – just 30 miles away. The airport is easily accessible from the city centre, with buses and trains departing regularly throughout the day.

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