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A surfers’ mecca for the UK, Newquay is one of the most vibrant and youthful coastal resorts in the country, attracting a range of visitors looking for fun and adventure. Surfing is one of the biggest draws to the area, with a number of surf stores, manufacturers and loan stores operating in the town and surrounding area. Along with the surfing comes the culture, which includes plenty of fun times and exciting adventures. Bars and restaurants have a laid-back atmosphere, while the night life scene has grown immeasurably in recent years to accommodate to those looking for a summer holiday based in England.

Ideal car

Any small, economical car will handle the roads of Newquay and the surrounding area well, and will travel on the narrow, twisting country roads with ease.

Driving in Newquay


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

While there is rush hour traffic all-year round, the traffic during the summer months can be especially unpredictable, especially on the main roads leading to and from the city.
The road conditions in the city and the surrounding area are of a good condition, with even the country roads enjoying excellent conditions.
It is worth noting that while some of the scenic routes are of a good condition and provide great views, there are narrow, twisting roads giving limited visibility, calling for caution at all times and especially at night.

Highlights & Hotspots

Documenting the history of the city, Tunnel Through Time is perhaps one of the best museums in the region, showing the lives of the people throughout the years in England’s most popular tourist destination.
There are a number of festivals in the region throughout the year that take advantage of the various weather conditions occurring seasonally. In the peak month of August the annual surfing competition, Boardmasters, is held while a range of bands take to stages across the area in support.
Surfing is, of course, the main draw to the area and as a result there many surf schools open for those looking to learn. After making sure the school you choose is registered with the British Surfing Association, you just need to decide if you’d like a taster course, or something more intensive.
There is a surprisingly rich and diverse food culture in the city, from quick, easy and tasty cafes to world-class, Michelin starred restaurants. One of the most popular locations is Rick Stein’s fish and chip shop, giving the traditional and much-loved British meal a posh and delicious make over.

Airport Information

The Newquay Cornwall Airport has regular domestic flights to London along with some northern airports and the flights can more than double in the summer months.
Four miles east of the town, it is accessible from the A3059, which goes west onto the A3058 entering Newquay.

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