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A large town in south Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe is known as a major commuter town for people working in London, aided by its location along the M40. The town also hosts its fair share of businesses who contribute greatly to the local economy, while its centre has undergone extensive redevelopment to become a major retail destination in the Home Counties. High Wycombe is known for its hilly location, providing visitors with many a challenging walking route, while the south Bucks countryside and Royal Berkshire aren’t too far away. There are also numerous parks within the town, while it has a smattering of cultural venues, bars and restaurants which attract visitors from all over the county.

Ideal car

For driving throughout the town and in the countryside, a small car will make it easier. It would also be easier to park, especially in the centre of High Wycombe.

Driving in High Wycombe


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Important things to note

High Wycombe has several multi-storey car parks dotted around the town centre. Prices tend to vary, but they aren’t too cheap.
The M40 going along the southern edge of the town is often prone to traffic, especially going in the direction of London during weekday mornings.
In High Wycombe, it’s advisable to avoid driving near the pedestrianized parts of the town centre, particularly near Queens Square where a number of buses tend to stop.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Swan Theatre is High Wycombe’s largest live performance venue. The theatre hosts plays, opera, ballet and during the Christmas period, pantomimes. Musicals and even stand-up comedy gigs are also on here throughout the year.
Although low-key compared to some other museums in the region, Wycombe Museum is a very interesting place to go nonetheless. It has a range of artefacts and exhibitions detailing how the town has developed through the ages.
The Rye is a local park located between the edges of the Wye and Dyke rivers. It has two playgrounds for kids as well as municipal tennis courts which are free to use all year round. There’s also an open-air swimming pool on-site.
Wycombe’s main shopping precinct is the Eden Shopping Centre. It has a number of chain stores as well as the odd independent retailer, while it faces out onto the high street. There are also other places to shop in the town centre, especially nearby Queens Square.

Airport Information

London-Heathrow Airport is the nearest one to High Wycombe, being some 20 miles southeast of the town centre. It’s the largest airport in the UK, serving destinations in just about every continent as well as all over the UK.
The airport is just off the M25, which leads up to a junction with the M40. Take the M40 westbound to High Wycombe and, on junction 4, drive north up the A404 and you’re in the town centre.

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