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The largest and southernmost island of the Channel Islands, Jersey has become an incredibly popular destination for those who wish to enjoy European and French style but with the peace and relaxation of a small island. The scenery is nothing short of stunning with natural landmarks dotted far and wide across the island. The island is somewhat of a sun trap and enjoys longer and hotter days than the vast majority of towns in the area, making it an ideal tourist destination for families and young people alike.

Ideal car

Due to a combination of the island surprising size along with the often narrow and twisting roads, a small and fuel efficient car will serve the entirety of this island well.

Driving in Jersey


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Important things to note

It may be tempting to believe that due to Jersey’s size, a car is unrequired. However, there are over 350 miles of road on the island making some sort of motorised transport necessary to travel the island.
The roads are well-maintained and paved but the vast majority are winding country roads with sudden turns and a narrow layout, meaning drivers should be especially careful driving in new areas.
The speed limits in the island are very low; despite their location, the island is not under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and so drivers should not drive under the same speed limit laws.

Highlights & Hotspots

One of the biggest historical attractions to the island are the Jersey War Tunnels, painstakingly conserved tunnels revealing the history of the Occupation of Jersey during World War II. The tunnels depict a series of exhibitions documenting the five-year occupation and are incredible to witness first hand.
For history from a little further back, Elizabeth Castle was built in the 1590s as a means of defence for the island for many hundreds of years. Built upon a rocky mass off-shore, the castle is accessible by foot at low-tide but must be accessed by boat at high-tide. It’s a surreal experience walking through the castle, and an enlightening one too.
Of course, along with the history of the island, it is the natural landscape for which Jersey is so well celebrated. The Jersey Lavender Farm provides an acutely French experience and makes for an incredibly relaxing family day trip in the sun.
Due to the islands growing popularity with visitors from across the world, a number of world-class restaurants and popular bars have opened in the island. The food available ranges massively, with seafood in particular proving incredibly popular on this coastal island.

Airport Information

Jersey Airport is based in the parish of St. Peter and is regularly served by French and British airlines from major cities, along with seasonal flights at peak season times.
The airport is on the Avenue de la Reine, which goes eastwards onto the A12. The A12 will then go southwards towards St Helier, the island’s capital and largest town.

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