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Nicknamed ‘the capital of the North’, Manchester is one of the largest and most famous Northern cities with a very rich and exciting history. Buzzing with opportunity, Manchester is an incredibly exciting city with much to offer the vast majority of visitors. Very few activities in Manchester are dependable upon sunny weather; while al fresco dining and outdoor activities may be available in the summer, it is a brilliant city to visit all year round with plenty to enjoy in both winter and summer.

Ideal car

A hatchback is ideal for urban driving in Manchester, especially as they are easy to park in tight spaces and can easily nip through narrow city streets.

Driving in Manchester


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Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Due to the size of the city, it is easy to become lost when driving. Fortunately, the roads are well-signposted and first-time visitors should head for the ring road if looking to return somewhere familiar.
Parking in the city centre is widely available but can be very expensive, especially in mutli-story car parks. Open air car parks are somewhat cheaper, though drivers should be careful to park their car in a well-lit, populous area.
There is car crime in Manchester though police officers regularly patrol the most common areas of crime. Should drivers be cautious whilst driving and keep possessions out of sight should stay safe.

Highlights & Hotspots

The lesser known Roman origins of Manchester, Mamucium, is now known as Castlefield. The location is the centre of Manchester’s canal network and is hugely significant for the development of industrial Britain. It is highly worth visiting this area to understand the origins of the city.
Meanwhile, the University of Manchester not only gives visitors an insight into the student lives of those 86,000 living in the city, but was also the site in which the first computer was built, the first atom probed and where radio astronomy was developed.
One of Manchester’s greatest artists, L. S. Lowry, has The Lowry dedicated to his insightful, accessible and stunning work. Beyond being a great cultural experience, his artwork is one of the best means of understanding industrial Manchester and the lives of the common people.
Of course one of Manchester’s most famous aspects, sport, is best surmised in Manchester United Football Stadium. As one of the world’s most popular clubs, the stadium must be visited by any football fan in the area as it is nothing short of impressive.

Airport Information

The second largest in the UK and amongst the largest in the world, Manchester Airport serves a wide number of countries around the world and as such is very busy and popular. Based towards the south of the city, the directions to the airport are very well signposted and it is easy to drive to, though due to the very busy nature of the airport, plenty of time should be given to those travelling there.

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