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This large town is located in Buckinghamshire, about 45 miles away from north-west London. Best known as the “new town” developed by a series of designers, town planners and architects in the late 60s, this intriguing city has an interesting history and is surrounded by expanses of lush green countryside. This new city blends its rich historical roots with contemporary living. While many are dismissive of what the new city has to offer there’s actually a thriving arts and culture scene here. Milton Keynes Theatre is one of the most successful in the UK outside of London’s West End. There’s also a city Orchestra who have been performing live classical music in and around Milton Keynes for decades. There are also a range of art galleries and museums to discover the art and history behind the new city. Like a lot of places in the UK Milton Keynes experiences an oceanic climate which is prone to wet and windy weather and can experience higher temperatures during the summer months.

Ideal car

A hatchback tends to be the most popular car for longer journeys from Milton Keynes to the likes of London and will similarly serve you well if you’re planning on getting into the countryside.

Driving in Milton Keynes


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Important things to note

The road system is adheres to a grid system with roundabouts at intersections unlike most other places in the UK. Roads tend to be fairly congested around rush hour so it’s advisable to avoid travelling during peak times.
There is also a network of ‘redways’ created especially for pedestrians and cyclists. These pathways are red tarmac following the grid roads and cross beneath them. Beware of passing cyclists if you’re walking on the redways.

Highlights & Hotspots

For those interesting in skiing and snowboarding, then Milton Keynes offers a much cheaper alternative to a trip to a mountainous ski resort in the form of the Xscape complex. The Snozone offers beginners and pros a realistic experience in real snow rather than dry slopes.
The Xscape complex also houses a whole range of other amenities from rock climbing walls, bowling alleys, cinema to an impressively large casino. There are also whole range of shops, restaurants and bars all within this one complex.
If you want to experience a more tranquil setting away from the shopping crowds, then Campbell Park is one of many lush green spaces for visitors. Alternatively, Stowe Landscape Gardens is a National Trust property and is only a short drive away. It’s a great place for families as well as those who enjoy hiking. A throwback to Georgian England, you’ll discover an array of temples and monuments as well as the lush gardens against the backdrop of stunning lakes and valleys.
A great place for all the family is the theme park at Gulliver’s Land combining a range of roller coasters and other theme park rides as well as an indoor play area for younger children.