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The only city in the eastern English county of Lincolnshire, Lincoln is a city whose roots go back to Roman times when it was known as Lindum. Home to a number of nationally-renowned landmarks such as its eponymous Cathedral and Castle, it has more recently become a university city, where the students have made a notable contribution to the city’s previously sleepy nightlife. Lincoln is split into two parts – uphill and downhill. Uphill, the Cathedral quarter and most of the city’s historical buildings lie and below the Stonebow on the High Street, you will find many of the housing estates such as Birchwood. The surrounding countryside is worth a look too for anyone who fancies a nice walk without having to climb a mountain or two in the process.

Ideal car

Due to Lincoln’s often confusing one-way system, a smaller car would be the best bet for going around the centre, as well as for parking on the street.

Driving in Lincoln


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Important things to note

The best places to park in Lincoln are near Brayford Pool and at the St Mark’s Shopping Centre. Parking elsewhere near the centre can be tricky.
Some of the roads, especially near the Cathedral Quarter, are narrow and one-way only, so it might be worth avoiding them during busy periods.
Traffic around the University of Lincoln at the beginning and end of each term can be heavy, as thousands of students at a time are moving into and out of their accommodation.

Highlights & Hotspots

Lincoln Cathedral is the first thing you’re likely to spot when setting foot in the city. Tours of the cathedral are available from Monday to Saturday, while you’re able to see some of the building’s quirks such as the famous Lincoln Imp.
Just a few minutes to your left is Lincoln Castle, which is home to one of only two copies of the Magna Carta. The castle is home to the city’s crown court as well as a Victorian-era Prison museum, while graduation ceremonies for the two local universities take place here regularly.
The Museum of Lincolnshire Life offers insight into how people throughout the county lived through the centuries. Many of the exhibitions are related to agriculture, which is a major part of the local economy, although admission is free of charge.
Every Christmas, thousands of shoppers come to the Lincoln Christmas Market, which takes place in Castle Square, north of Steep Hill. Stalls selling a range of quirky and quaint Christmas gifts are the norm here, although shoppers sometimes head to the city’s Waterside centre.

Airport Information

Lincoln is close to two main airports – Humberside Airport and Doncaster Robin Hood Airport. Both have one main passenger terminal, although Robin Hood has more flights to a greater range of foreign destinations.
Humberside is accessible by the A180, which connects to the A15 which goes southwards to central Lincoln. Robin Hood can be reached from the A614, which goes onto the A180 in North Lincolnshire before going to the A15.