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A small country within South America; translated, Uruguay means river of colourful birds; a name that the country truly lives up to! The beaches are second to none, with numerous along the coastline that offer some of the most stunning views and relaxing experiences to be found on the continent. The food is ideal for those who enjoy European inspiration, with Spanish and Italian influences throughout many popular dishes. Nature lovers are able to immerse themselves in their experiences as the estancias offer everyone the chance to stay in a peaceful environment surrounded by the country’s many birds.

Driving in Uruguay


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Important things to note

The vast majority of roads in cities and some towns operate on a one-way system that can confuse some drivers. It is important before travelling to a new part of the country to understand and plan the route in advanced to avoid confusion.
While all major roads are well signposted, some of the smaller roads can be poorly marked, leaving some drivers confused.
Should any driver get lost, the locals are generally very friendly and happy to help, should visitors have a basic grasp of Spanish.

Driving culture in Uruguay

What are the roads like in Uruguay?
The road conditions are good to excellent in the majority of the country. Many of the roads, including major highways, are dotted with large speed bumps; though these are signposted, they can take some drivers by surprise.
What are the drivers in Uruguay like?
Due to the price of purchasing cars in Uruguay, many of the local vehicles are of poor quality. This can result in slow moving traffic, especially in the suburban areas. However, the majority of drivers in Uruguay are considerate and patient with foreigners.
What are the best times to drive?
It is advised to avoid driving at night in Uruguay. Due to the state of the pavements and sidewalks, pedestrians often walk on the roads; which can lead to accidents in badly lit areas.
What are the driving laws?
As both hands must be kept on the wheel at all times, mobile phone use is prohibited. Headlights should be turned on at all times when driving, especially on major roads and highways. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure all passengers are wearing seatbelts at all time. There is a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving.