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One of the largest cities in the mid-western US state of Montana, Bozeman is on the edge of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Although less than 100,000 people live in Bozeman and its environs, it has plenty to keep visitors occupied aside from the nearby Rockies and Yellowstone National Park, serving as a cultural hub for the southwest of Montana. The city is home to the state’s main university, while it also hosts several cultural events throughout the year to see visitors flock to Bozeman in their thousands. However, it’s location near the Rockies and Yellowstone makes Bozeman one of the best places to visit for anyone who has a sense of adventure that they need to satisfy.

Ideal car

Due to the local landscape, a family car is the best thing you can drive here, as it would be large enough to cope with bumps and steep inclines, especially when driving to the Rockies.

Driving in Bozeman


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Important things to note

The most popular route into and out of Bozeman is the I-90 which, although convenient, can be prone to heavy traffic.
If looking for somewhere to stay, there are numerous motels alongside the I-90, conveniently located near the local airport.
Unusually for a city of its size, Bozeman’s downtown district is actually pretty friendly for drivers, as there are few pedestrianized areas.

Highlights & Hotspots

Every August, the annual Sweet Pea Festival takes place in venues across Bozeman. Live music, theatre, dance, stand-up comedy, art exhibitions and even food stalls are on offer for anyone choosing to visit while it’s being held.
Billing itself as Bozeman’s only modern art gallery, the Altitude Gallery has more than just paintings on display. Among the types of art you can expect to see here are pottery, blown glass and even jewellery, many created by local artists.
The Museum of the Rockies has over 300,000 artefacts within its four walls. It documents how the mountain range has changed over the years, as well as how important they are to the local economy and way of life.
If in Bozeman, a trip to the Yellowstone National Park is a must. It spans large parts of Montana and is within easy reach by car. You can go walking here, have a picnic in the spring or summer or, if it floats your boat, go kayaking.

Airport Information

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is located five miles northwest of the centre of Bozeman, near the small town of Belgrade. The airport serves other cities in the US from its one terminal designed for passenger use.
The airport is located just to the north of the I-90. It can be accessed from downtown Bozeman via North 7th Avenue, which turns onto the interstate before heading northwest to the airport.

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