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A major seaport city in the state of South Carolina, Charleston is a place of living history as the city has been able to preserve and maintain its many historical buildings and landmarks over periods of hundreds of years, despite it playing an important role during the American Civil War when it was captured. Thanks to height restrictions, the historic area of the town is famed for its stunning skyline that is so often unseen in the larger American cities. Visitors can enjoy a much more relaxed times than may be expected in such a large area, though that’s not to say Charleston doesn’t have a few surprises up its sleeve…

Ideal car

A saloon car can easily handle the roads running within and throughout the city, and provide a great deal of comfort to those travelling within.

Driving in Charleston


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Important things to note

The outskirts of the town are filled with roads of a high quality and as such are reasonably easy to navigate and drive.
The historic downtown area is accessible by car, though there are many tourists enjoying bus and carriage tours, which can make driving difficult.
Parking is available throughout the city, though can be very difficult to find around the major tourist attractions.

Highlights & Hotspots

The South Carolina Aquarium is huge and by far one of the best of its kind in the entire area. With a strong focus on the indigenous animals of the area, the creatures on show include loggerhead turtles, otters, sharks and puffer fish.
Architecture and photography lovers can’t help but flock to Rainbow Row as the street is nothing short of dazzling. The houses have been painted bright and beautiful pastel colours, while the streets and window sills are lined with blossoming flowers and trees.
Many visitors will of course be aware of the unsavoury history of the area, and rather than shy away from this past, the city hosts multiple museums and monuments so the residents and visitors may never forget. Among these is the Old Slave Mart Museum, which is particularly chilling.
Of course, there is plenty to enjoy from the present day. While many visitors are attracted by the historic buildings of the city, the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge is a feat of modern design and engineering, stretching three miles and even featuring a no-car zone for pedestrians to enjoy.

Airport Information

Charleston International Airport is based 12 miles north northwest of the historic Downtown of the city and as such is an easy and quick commute away. It is one of the busiest airports in the south-western US, although it mostly serves domestic destinations.
The airport is next to the I-526, which connects to the I-26. The I-26 heads straight southwards towards the centre of Charleston.

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