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The city of Cleveland, based in the northern area of Ohio on the southern side of Lake Erie, epitomises everything wonderful about that area of the state. Culturally diverse, there are almost limitless possibilities for cultural and educational experiences, uniting the residents and visitors on a daily basis. As a lakeside city, there are three primary districts split into smaller suburbs: Downtown, East Side and West Side. Downtown may serve as a central hub of the city, but the East and West sides also offer much for visitors including a great local market and world-class art centres.

Ideal car

Designed for city driving, a hatchback car will provide comfort on all roads in and around the city roads, whilst proving easy to park.

Driving in Cleveland


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Important things to note

Designed in a ‘European style’, Cleveland is reasonably easy to navigate for a large city with low numbers of one-way streets and wide roads which can often result in low traffic congestion throughout all hours of the day.
To completely avoid what rush hour is present, avoid driving between 7am-9am and 4pm-6.30pm, with northbound highways particularly busy during the morning and Southbound highways in the evening.
Signage is exceptional throughout the city making it easy to navigate, while there are signs throughout the city showing how to access the nearest highway.

Highlights & Hotspots

There is a fantastic mix of modern and classical architecture throughout the town with some of the most beautiful dating from the mid-1800s. Old Arcade dates from this period and was designed by John Eisenmann and was financed by the legendary John D. Rockefeller.
Often named one of the very best destinations in America to sample the arts, no visit to Cleveland is complete without a trip to one of the many galleries and sculpture parks. The Cleveland Museum of Art is amongst one of the most comprehensive, whilst those with a love of modern art should head to the Free Stamp sculpture in Willard Park.
The Rockefeller Cultural Gardens serve not only as a dedication to the man in the form rich and diverse gardens and mosaic, but also connect the University Circle to other parts of the city, making it an ideal route to take whilst exploring.
Sport and its culture are huge in Cleveland, with all tastes catered for. Some of the most prominent regular sports here include football, basketball, baseball, American football and ice hockey.

Airport Information

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the largest in Ohio and as such is a relatively busy airport throughout the day. It is located alongside the I-480. The airport is around six miles southwest of the city centre.
Based on the western side of the city, the airport is served regularly both domestically and internationally from across Europe and other areas closer to home.

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