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Based in southern California, Long Beach is a beautiful combination of city and surf. The very nature of the city is reflected in its wonderfully diverse culture, giving visitors and residents alike the chance to experience a wide range of activities. While Long Beach is significantly less popular amongst tourists than other areas of Los Angeles, there is still plenty to explore for those who want to enjoy the genuine lifestyle of those in the state. A fabulous blend of old-meets-new, there’s plenty to be discovered here.

Ideal car

While you wouldn’t be alone should you decide to go for a larger car, a small city car is all that is truly needed to travel around the city, thanks to the excellent condition of the roads.

Driving in Long Beach


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Important things to note

The vast majority of those living in and visiting Long Beach use a car as the main mode of transport meaning that the roads should be easy to navigate.
The roads leading to and from Long Beach can be extremely scenic and pleasant to drive. For those who’d rather avoid the Freeway, it’s possible to travel along Orange County coast.
Parking is prominent around the city, but many car parks near major attractions do charge. Downtown Long Beach has many convenient parking bays, though most require payment.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the largest aquariums across the United States, and as such is home to a world-class collection of marine life. The exhibits cover the areas of the Pacific Ocean, the Tropical Pacific and the Northern Pacific, giving visitors a brilliant insight into the underwater world.
For those interested in the history of the area, the Queen Mary is an historically significant Cunard White Star ocean liner with a rich and varied history. Most famous for its role in World War II, the Queen Mary now houses a hotel, restaurants and a shopping promenade.
If the Queen Mary isn’t enough to whet the whistle, a Cold War Soviet submarine is open for exploration, though be warned – it’s not for the claustrophobic! A retired officer is on hand to answer any questions, with the tour offering a startling insight into the lives of the marines.
There are several galleries throughout the city that provide a look at several mediums and genres of art. One of the most popular galleries in the city is the Museum of Latin American Art, the only museum in Western America that covers this style.

Airport Information

The closest airport is the Long Beach Airport, a small airport that is only a short distance to the city centre itself. However, this particular airport is most commonly served domestically and as such may require connecting flights for those travelling from elsewhere in the world.
Meanwhile, the Los Angeles International Airport is much larger and is served internationally, meaning the vast majority of travellers will use this particular airport.

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