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Arguably the jewel in Florida’s crown, Miami is a city where visitors can get a flavour of both American and Caribbean culture as well as take in the famous sunny weather. A city of over five million people, Miami has plenty to offer for anyone looking for a bite to eat, a show to see or a theme park to go on the ride of their lives. Miami itself has a clutch of museums, theatres and art galleries to explore, while within a short distance of the city, the Florida Everglades and Miami Beach are there to be explored by foot, boat ride or even by car. Being one of the most southerly cities in the United States, Miami is warm for most of the year, even in winter.

Ideal car

Large parts of Miami’s road system are laid out in a grid, so a small car would be perfect for driving around the various corners. They’re also handy to have in traffic jams.

Driving in Miami


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Important things to note

Some drivers in Miami can be pretty aggressive. To try and reduce the risk of road rage, driving carefully and politely is advisable.
The Miami Turnpike is a toll road which goes between the city and Orlando to the north. Be prepared to pay when asked at a toll booth.
There are visitor centres throughout the city of Miami as well as the towns along Miami Beach. Locations include Downtown Miami, the Everglades and Coconut Grove.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Everglades Airboat Tour & Wildlife Show takes in the thousands of islands that make up the Everglades. It takes around an hour to do, but you’re able to marvel at the local wildlife as well as all the species of plants you’re unlikely to see anywhere else.
Little Havana is one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Miami. Heavily influenced by Cuban culture, it’s a world away from the city centre and a great place to have a quiet evening meal if desperate to avoid the more bustling areas of Miami.
Star Island on Biscayne Bay is a good place to go stargazing (Hollywood stargazing, that is). This artificial island is home to some amazing homes where some of the biggest stars of stage and screen, including Will Smith, live. It’s free of charge, but you can’t go inside the homes!
Frost Art Museum on SW 17th Street, based in Florida International University mixes artefacts dating back to pre-Columbian times and American photography from the 1960s and 70s. There are also works of art from the Caribbean and Latin America on display here.