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Located on the southern edge of Monterey Bay in California, Monterey is a gorgeous coastal city with a rich culture. The Hispanic heritage of California is most prominent in Monterey and the blend of cultures is evident throughout the city. Monterey is a city that has nearly everything going for it: gorgeous scenery, a rich blend of cultures, fantastic weather, sandy beaches and world-class cuisine. Foodies will love indulging in the local cuisine here. The city is home to a fantastic array of restaurants serving local and international cuisine. Most notably, the city boasts numerous excellent seafood restaurants, serving fresh culinary delights. History buffs will enjoy discovering the city’s rich heritage and should consider a visit to the city’s historic quarter.

Ideal car

A fuel efficient hatchback is the ideal choice for Monterey, particularly for those considering a road trip or driving along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Driving in Monterey


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Important things to note

There are plenty of car parking facilities throughout the city, most of which is metered or garage parking.
Take care to observe local parking regulations, particularly in the Cannery Row area of the city, where parking limits are strict and expensive tickets are issued for vehicles running over the meter.
As the city is very popular with tourists, many of the routes in and around Monterey can get congested. It’s advised to plan your route beforehand and allow extra times for journeys.

Highlights & Hotspots

The city is home to some of the world’s most fascinating sea life, so why not pay a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium? This impressive, eco-friendly aquarium is home to species from jellyfish to sharks. There’s also a penguin enclosure, which is particularly great to visit during feeding times.
History enthusiasts will be able to discover the city’s fascinating heritage at the Monterey History and Wildlife Museum. Home to a large exhibition hall, this excellent museum takes visitors on a journey into city’s diverse and fascinating past, exploring its once thriving sardine industry.
Experience the city’s breath-taking scenery and great ocean views with a walk along the Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail. Popular with hikers and runners, this fantastic trail follows the Pacific Grove and Monterey coastline and is dotted with cafes, pubs and restaurants along the way.
If you’re travelling with young children, then head to the Dennis the Menace Park located just south of Fisherman’s Wharf. Designed by the creator of Dennis the Menace, the park is home to an array of rides, play areas and attractions that the whole family will enjoy.

Airport Information

The city is served by Monterey Regional Airport, which is located approximately four miles southwest of the city centre and is accessible via the Highway 68 and Highway 1. It offers connections to larger airports in California.
The airport has regular short distance flights to and from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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