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Despite being the capital of Utah with a population of 1.1 million, Salt Lake City has a pleasingly quiet, small town vibe that feels incredibly relaxed and liberal. The city is perhaps best known for its connections with The Church of Latter-day Saints but less than half of the population practice this religion. Salt Lake City is an ideal destination for those hoping to find a balance between outdoor adventure and indoor relaxation. The mountainous ranges within a 45 minute drive from the centre are host to world-standard skiing resorts, whilst the city itself is a mecca of alternative culture.

Ideal car

While the roads are of an excellent condition throughout the city, a large car will serve the outskirts well, especially for those looking to travel to the mountainous areas.

Driving in Salt Lake City


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Important things to note

The roads within the city are wide and of a good quality, though can become slightly more confusing in the suburbs. Should visitors travel to the outskirts, be sure to have an up to date map or GPS to avoid confusion.
Some areas experience severe congestion, especially during rush hour. Avoid driving 6.30-8.30am and 4.30-6.30pm wherever possible.
Some drivers in the state may have a reputation for cutting off other drivers in a seemingly aggressive manner. However, due to traffic patrolling this is becoming rarer and should not pose a problem for new drivers.

Highlights & Hotspots

What may come as a surprise to some, Salt Lake City is the number one city in the world to research and assemble an incredibly detailed family tree. Volunteers at the Family History Library scour the globe for genealogical information and record it, free of access, in this library. Who knows, you might just find out something you never knew about your family!
Perhaps the most famous sight in the city is the Temple Square which occupies a space of 10-acres. Brothers, sisters and elders volunteer to give information about the temples which are astoundingly surrounded by 15 foot walls.
Café Marmalade is known for its role in the Utah Pride movement and perfectly depicts the liberal feeling of the town. The café hosts regular open mic nights along with BBQs along with holiday the largest LGBT library of the state.
Thanksgiving Point is perhaps the number one family spot in the city thanks to its massive multi-entertainment complex. Including a petting farm, gardens, golf, movies and shopping, the highlight is the hi-tech dinosaur museum that’s sure to delight adults and children alike.

Airport Information

Salt Lake City International Airport is based in the western area of the city and as such, is very easily to travel to. The Lincoln Highway is close to the airport, going eastwards to the city centre.
However, as the airport serves as a mid-land hub, there are hundreds of global flights daily, making it an incredibly busy airport with expected delays and traffic.

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