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St Louis is the largest city in the state of Missouri, with the wider metropolitan area being home to nearly three million people. As you might be able to tell by its impressive skyline, St Louis is a city which has all the modern thrills you would expect from a place of its size. It has numerous museums, galleries, shopping malls and sporting venues to keep any visitor entertained. Among the things which St Louis is famous for are include the Gateway Arch, its wide array of free-to-visit attractions, and its position on the confluence between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. More recently, St Louis has developed a reputation for being a big business city, while its sporting culture evokes pride in the locals.

Ideal car

Despite being such a big city, St Louis is pretty car-friendly. A Hatchback would prove as useful on the interstates as it would in the downtown district and the suburbs.

Driving in St Louis


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Important things to note

Although it’s officially known as the I-64, the interstate is often referred to as Highway 40 by the locals as that’s what the road used to be called.
For getting to the various districts of St Louis, the best route to take is the I-270, an interstate which goes around the western part of the city.
St Louis is surprisingly prone to tornadoes. Should one occur, it’s important to leave your car and stay indoors.

Highlights & Hotspots

The City Museum is the definitive place in St Louis to learn about its rich and varied history. Although it might seem normal on the outside, there are plenty of intriguing exhibits in the form of artefacts collected from around the city, bought by an eccentric local entrepreneur.
Forest Park is one of the largest city parks in the country and is home to a myriad of attractions in St Louis. The St Louis Science Center, art museum, history museum and city zoo are all there, free of charge to enter. You can also play golf, tennis or baseball here.
The Busch Stadium is home to the St Louis Cardinals, one of the most famous baseball teams in the country. It holds over 46,000 fans and hosts top-class baseball games as well as a handful of football matches featuring famous teams.
If you want to see a live stage show, the Fabulous Fox Theater, built back in 1929, is the best place to go. Musicals and other Broadway productions are staged here, while its design makes the venue almost completely unique in an architectural sense.

Airport Information

The main airport serving the city is Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, 10 miles northwest of the city centre. It has two passenger terminals while it serves a plethora of destinations throughout North America on a daily basis.
Driving down the I-70 in a southeast direction is the best way to get from the airport to the centre of St Louis, where it ends in a junction with the I-55.

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