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The Mediterranean country of Cyprus is perfect for sun-loving holiday-makers during the summer as the weather is almost always hot and dry. Golf is a particularly celebrated sport in the country with a vast range of world-class golf courses on offer. Beaches and mountainous walking trails are also popular on this rich and varied island. The cuisine of the area takes influence from Greece, the Middle East and Asia Minor, with a predominant focus upon fresh ingredients and herbs and spices. The food in Cyprus is particularly celebrated by health food lovers as the cuisine is renowned for its use of oily fish, grains and pulses and lean meat.

Driving in Cyprus


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Important things to note

The roads in Cyprus are often thin and winding, meaning that many drivers will be unable to turn around on a road, meaning roads must be followed around until a chance to turn arises.
Drivers are prohibited from displaying any documents, including tax discs, in the windscreen of a car, which differs hugely from the practice in the United Kingdom.
There are varying fines for driving over the speed limit that are determined by the percentage of which the driver is over the speed limit.

Driving culture in Cyprus

What are the roads like in Cyprus?
Driving conditions are much poorer in Cyprus than the majority of other European countries. It is advised drivers take extra care in rural areas as, while the traffic is much heavier in built-up areas, the road conditions worsen in rural places.
What are the drivers in Cyprus like?
Driver’s native to Cyprus can often take an aggressive driving style, especially in Nicosia. Some drivers in the country criticise others for considering the rules of the road to be mere guidelines, meaning visitors should be extra careful on the roads in built-up areas.
What are the best times to drive?
There are no particularly bad times to drive in Cyprus, though during the evening many drivers find to be much quieter than at day time. However, many of the roads are not particularly well lit, so it is important to time your drives accordingly.
What are the driving laws?
Using a phone while driving can incur a fine. So can eating and drinking at the wheel, a law which may catch some drivers unawares. It is compulsory to carry a reflective triangle in the vehicle at all times. Both the driver and the passengers must wear a seatbelt at all times.