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A large city in France located on the French Riviera, Nice is a beautifully picturesque location for visitors of all ages. Popular the world over, it harks back to a more simple form of French living, vastly different from that found in the capital. Laid back and relaxed, the peak season weather is wonderfully moderate without the chill of the north or the pounding heat of the south. The coastline is one of the best to be found in the country and the architecture will delight those who love picturesque locations.

Ideal car

A hatchback will be ideal for city driving and manoeuvring into tight parking spaces as well as being fuel efficient.
Driving in Nice
Road driving side: R
Urban speed limit: 50kmh
Rural speed limit: 90kmh
Motorway speed limit: 130kmh

Driving in Nice


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Drivers on the French Riviera are renowned for an aggressive driving style and as such visiting drivers should always be cautious and drive defensively as a simple precautionary measure.
Morning and evening rush hours do occur but traffic outside of these times is generally free moving and should prove easy going for first-time drivers in the area.
While there is easy access along the A8 to and from the airport, there are some sharp bends in the road along the way where accidents can and do happen. It is important to stick to the speed limit so you can be aware of these before approaching the areas.
Ideal car
A hatchback will be ideal for city driving and manoeuvring into tight parking spaces as well as being fuel efficient.

Highlights & Hotspots

Nice demands relaxation and as such is a very laid back city despite its size. There is much culture to be enjoyed at leisure, with food, architecture and history waiting to be explored. To truly take in the aesthetic of the city, visiting Colline du Chateau will give you the overall impression of the place.
While the beaches may not be sandy, they are still worth visiting for the views, walking experience and even a dip in the ocean. The sea in the areas is incredibly clean, and Cannes is only a short journey away for those looking for a sandy beach experience.
The historic castle may only now be a few crumbling walls but it is still an exciting place to explore. Located 90 metres above Nice itself, there is nothing quite like reaching the top and taking in the breath-taking beauty that surrounds you.
Cimiez is the older part of the city and is home to some of the best museums exploring Nice’s ancient history. Some of the best include Parc Phoenix which houses over 2,500 species of flower, and Musee Matisse which showcases artwork in a 17th Century villa.

Airport Information

As one of the busiest airports in France, Nice Airport has connections across the world. Made up of two terminals, the airport is located approximately 6km from the city itself and is very conveniently located on the A8.

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