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Car Hire Split


Nicknamed ‘The Most Beautiful City in the World’ by locals, Split has a beautiful climate in the idyllic country of Croatia. Roman ancestry can be seen across the city including walls, temples and squares, making it a compelling area for the sun lovers and the history buffs. The city is an incredibly relaxing place to be all year round with wonderful hot weather in the summer and very mild winters even in December and January. The rich and famous mingle with the locals here thanks to the stunning scenery, great prices and range of activities on offer.

Ideal car

Due to the nature of the narrow roads in Split, it’ll be difficult to get around in anything but a compact city car, so most travellers go for economy.
Driving in Split
Road Driving Side: R
Urban Speed Limit: 50kmh
Rural Speed Limit: 90kmh
Motorway Speed Limit: 130kmh

Driving in Split


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

As most choose to explore the city centre of Split by foot, drivers should be constantly aware of pedestrians and understand that many of the roads are not designed for modern cars.
There are high chances of snow in the winter months despite the warmer weather, and when snow does strike the road systems often cease up due to the unexpected nature of the weather.
Parking can be difficult especially in the city centre due to the small size of the roads. It is essential to leave a metre of space between the car and the wall when parking for pedestrians or the car will be towed.
Ideal car: Economy
Due to the nature of the narrow roads in Split, it’ll be difficult to get around in anything but a compact city car, so most travellers go for economy.

Highlights & Hotspots

Spending at least a day at the beach is an absolute must as it offers the best views and chances to relax and unwind. Along the coast visitors will find cafes and bars offering drinks and food to be enjoyed by the sea, and on Bene pine forest beach there are restaurants and recreation centres.
The campanile bell tower is one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in the city and can actually be accessed by visitors. Climbing to the top will offer the most spectacular views of the city where you can take in the Roman remnants from above.
Snorkelling and diving are hugely popular in the area thanks to the clear, warm water on the coast. There are professional companies there that can train up first timers and take the experienced to exciting new locations.
There are multiple shopping opportunities in the area, including authentic Croatian goods as well as more modern offerings. Marmontova is the central shopping high street in the city which Pazar offers the best in fruit and vegetables.

Airport Information

Split Airport is the second largest in the country and services the vast majority of major countries in Europe. Based around 25km west of Split city centre, it also has access to the neighbour city of Trogir. Travelling time into the city by car is, on average, around 30 minutes.