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My Account is operated by Etrawler, an Irish registered company trading as CarTrawler, ArgusCarHire, Holiday Autos and Cabforce (“CarTrawler”, “we”, “us” or “our”). We are registered in Ireland under company number 93433 and have our registered office at Classon House, Dundrum Business Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland which is also our main trading address.
Our Booking Conditions apply to your use of My Account, By using our My Account, you agree to the Booking Conditions.
My Account is your personalised version of To use My Account you must be a registered My Account user.


Only vehicle rental bookings picked up in the preceding two (2) years (“Bookings”) will count towards your My Account Tier. My Account members will receive discounts based on these Bookings (“My Account Tier”). Bookings made more than two (2) years ago will appear in your booking history but will not count towards your My Account Tier. Cancelled bookings do not count towards your My Account Tier.

My Account Tiers are as follows: Bronze: 1-4 Bookings. Silver: 5 to 9 Bookings. Gold: 10 or more Bookings. We reserve the right to amend the Booking levels associated with the My Account Tiers at our discretion.


My Account members will receive a percentage (%) discount off the Recommended Retail Price (“RRP”) of the vehicle rental based on the My Account Tiers as set out in Table A Below:

| Tier | Percentage Discount |
| ———- | ———- |
| Bronze | Up to 5% |
| Silver | Up to 10% |
| Gold | Up to 15% |

The value of the discount that you receive is at our discretion and in some cases the discount applied may not reflect the full discount associated with your My Account Tier. For example, you may be a Gold member but at certain times, due to pricing restrictions, your discount may be less than 15%. In all cases we will endeavour to give you as large a discount as possible in accordance with your My Account Tier.

The discounts shall be applied to the RRP for vehicle rentals only, and shall not apply to ‘optional extras’ or additional insurance purchases associated with the vehicle rental.

We reserve the right to change the percentage discount associated with the My Account Tiers at any time at our discretion.


My Account discounts are exclusive to My Account members. They may not be combined with other special offers and shall not be applied in cases where promotions or special offers run concurrently on our website.


When you join My Account you can link previous Bookings made by you using another email address. However, these linked Bookings must have been made by you, and you cannot linked Bookings made by third parties, such as family members or friends. You cannot sell or transfer your Bookings.


You can close your My Account by following the instructions in the My Details section of My Account.


By becoming a My Account member you agree to receive online newsletters and emails regarding your My Account and vehicle rental.


By using data you have already provided to us My Account ensures that you are not asked to submit the same information multiple times and by accepting these My Account Terms and Conditions you consent to us using your data in this manner. All personal information submitted to My Account is secure and is used only for our legitimate business purposes in accordance with applicable law. Information submitted to My Account shall be subject to our Privacy Policy. To read our privacy policy in full, click here.

You can edit or delete details, account information and preferences on your My Account profile by clicking on the appropriate “Update My Details”, and “Change My Password” buttons.

My Account Terms and Conditions


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It is prohibited to use any device, software or routine, directly or indirectly to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of this website, or any activity in operation on this site to place any undue load or stress upon our systems. We monitor access to the site for data scrapers and automated access of information and we will block processes engaging in these activities.

We reserve the right to discontinue your membership of My Account if you act fraudulently or use My Account in a way that does not comply with the My Account Terms and Conditions, or any applicable laws, regulations, or statutes. If we discontinue your membership, you may lose the benefits associated with your Bookings. We also have the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including criminal prosecution if necessary.

We may revoke your discount at any time.

You agree that all disputes arising out of your use of My Account shall be govern in accordance with the dispute resolution procedure set out in the Booking Conditions,